• Version 2.0.20 now available
  • Support for Visual Studio 2022
  • Perpetual licensing

Reegenerator - Code Generator

Reegenerator is a Microsoft Visual Studio™ integrated code generator that helps advancing your projects at maximum possible speed.

The Best Visual Studio Code Generator

It is all about making you feel comfortable.

Write in Visual Studio

Debug in Visual Studio

Manage & Generate automatically in Visual Studio


And giving you the flexibility to do anything you can think of.

Use any type of file as source. And generate any type of file as output

  • Data files: .XML, .JSON
  • Code files: .CS, .VB.
  • Database: read the data/schema using your favorite database libraries
  • Use multiple generators on a single source file

Streamlined workflow

  • Code generation can be triggered on Save, Build, or as Custom Tool. Or even when other solution files are updated
  • Generated files can be automatically added to the project as a related file
  • All of the above guarantees your generated code is always up-to-date on compile. No more forgetting to manually trigger code generation

Pure .NET

With no strings attached.
  • The generators are regular C#/VB.NET classes in a regular .NET Class Library
  • No new language to learn
  • Can be source controlled as part of your solution
  • Are always part of solution. Never wonder how the code was generated or┬álose the generators
  • Reference and use your existing libraries or any 3rd party libraries
  • Perpetual licences. No upgrade treadmill, licenses apply to all past and future versions


And helping you push the envelope as far as possible.
  • Hijack other code generators (e.g. DBML, DBMX, resources, settings) and change their results while still being able to use the standard designers
  • Generate code from referenced assemblies
  • Generate code from code (e.g. when you save a class file)
  • Control and execute code generation of other project items
  • Standalone code generation (e.g. in a console application)