Buy Reegenerator

Before purchasing, it is advisable to download and install the Reegenerator version that matches the version of Microsoft Visual Studio you intend to use it with. After the purchase you will receive an invoice and then an email with a licence key that can be used to register Reegenerator. Note that the keys are perpetual and apply to all versions.

Thank you for your trust in Reegenerator.

Choose Your License

Reegenerator Perpetual License 49 USD
Reegenerator 5 Perpetual Licenses 199 USD
Reegenerator 10 Perpetual Licenses 349 USD
Reegenerator Site Perpetual License
Up to 20 developers
599 USD
Reegenerator Enterprise Perpetual License
Unlimited number of developers
999 USD


If you need quotes or information in regards to source code license, template authoring services or any other specific needs, please email with the details of your enquiry.